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Our focus is to build Knoxville’s finest custom showers and master baths. From custom tile mosaics and travertine to modern marble, we have the experience to make your dream a reality. With over 20 years in this business, we go beyond a solid build to offer unparalleled¬†craftsmanship in all of our custom tile showers.

The foundation and longevity of any shower is the waterproofing system installed before the tile. Here at Pro Tile, we are certified WEDI PRO Installers. WEDI is in place of backer board or Duroc and membrane waterproofing in wet areas. WEDI requires no additional waterproofing applied. The entire board is waterproof all the way through.

Why We Use WEDI Waterproofing

The WEDI Building Panel is made of the highest quality ingredients: The closed cell, rigid XPS foam core for consistent waterproofing properties throughout. The strong fiberglass reinforcing mesh on both sides and fully embedded in the panels coating for strength. And finally, the proprietary WEDI resin coating on cement basis for a great bond to tile and stone adhesives of all types. WEDI building panels are made from materials that do not support the growth of mold or mildew, making the panel a great underlayment and protection system when used in wet areas such as showers.